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To My Future Wife

silhouette-of-familyOne of the best parts about my day is knowing that I have the opportunity to make yours. You are a blessing in so many ways. I hope that my prayers are touching you in a way that you know it is me, your future husband. You have a unique place in my heart way before you’ve had a temporary spot in my life. Even though life isn’t forever, you will forever be in my heart. I want to love you in a way that it makes the dictionary ask questions about us. You are my rib and together we are one. Taking care of you is taking care of me. There is nothing in this world that I will willingly let come between the call I have to protect you. The love I have for you is generational and will be passed down to our kids. I want them to truly know how to love their future spouse by the way they’ve seen me pour love out on you.


My Future WIFE

Well Mrs. Ford where do I begin? I’m 21 years old and I’ve been in two relationships, both of which left my heart gasping for air. I feel like my heart’s been running in a marathon ever since I hit puberty and realized cooties weren’t real, I’ve been searching for you. The journey isn’t what’s killing me, it’s the wait. 9c4oajocELike 10’000 fireflies trapped in a jar, my dark brown eyes light up at the thought of you. I don’t just love you, i’m in love with you. There is not a night that goes by that I don’t pray for you, for us, for what we can be. I know that one day when we stand together all of haven will rejoice, that day the word amazing will be an understatement. But I also know that we need time. I believe that the reason we are not united already is because we are simply not ready. As you continue to be molded into the woman who will completely dazzle me, I vow to continue to push myself to be the Godly man you deserve. I know the wait can be heard but hang in there babe, our time is coming. Until then, I want you to know a few things.

You are beauty at its purest form, unique in every way imaginable, just the way God intended when he fearfully created you. All your qualities and physical features absolutely blow me away. I want our daughter to have your hair, I look forward to seeing her grow into the woman you have become. I pray that you always remember that you are a source of inspiration to everyone around you. Even the church, the body of Christ, because what happens in the church must happen in people first. People like you who have a heart filled with love. You’re value is endless. Continue to bless people with your heavenly smile. Use it as a light source to brighten up people’s day. You were sculpted in God’s image and that makes you far more breathtaking than any angel in heaven. I pray that you are being completely captivated by God’s unfailing love for you. I pray that your heart is being taken care of while you are not with me.

I want to say i’m sorry.  yep, i’m already apologizing. Maybe i’m the reason we are not together yet. Maybe God sees that i’m not ready for you just yet. So I apologize and I promise i’m trying my best. There is not a day that goes by that i’m not devoted to taking steps closer to becoming your knight in shining armor. I want to win your heart by the way I protect it, and I want you to fall in love with me by the way I love you. I want our marriage to glorify the Kingdom. Last but not lest, I want to be with you forever, through the hard times and the dark times. I want our love to last until the end and linger into our kids. I pray that they can do as we are doing and patiently endure the wait.

I love you now and forever Mrs. Ford